Gaither Awards Outstanding Faculty Members

Yacob Reyes, Staff Writer


Gaither recently awarded three faculty members who’ve gone above and beyond to represent what it means to be a Cowboy.

Three different awards were given out: The Employee of the Year, Teacher of the Year and the Ida S. Baker Distinguished Minority Educator award.

Employee of the Year was awarded to Sol González, a new member of the Gaither family and the head of the custodial staff.

“I am very proud of the work of my custodians and I am both overjoyed and surprised that in such a small time I could become employee of the year. It’s my 7th time winning this award, I am very content to receive this recognition from the staff,” said González.

The Ida S. Baker Distinguished Minority Educator award was bestowed upon Alicia Pelaez, the Student Success Coach.

“It was a tremendous honor just to be nominated for the Ida S. Baker Distinguished Minority Educator Award. I am very humbled by my peers selecting me to represent Gaither!” said Pelaez.

Kimberly Feroli won the Teacher of the Year award, she felt humbled and yet deserving of this recognition.

“I am passionate about my job, I love my students, I love where I work. I make connections with everyone even strangers in the hallway, I try to say hi to everybody. I try to make sure that I am available for anyone that needs me,” said Feroli. “Basically, I’m just being passionate about what I do and who I do it for. Within my community, who I serve, caring about people. It’s not just collecting a paycheck but really meeting the needs of kids in all levels academic, mentally…just being [a good] human.”

These three members play a simple part in making the Gaither community great.