Marching Cowboys Prepare to Take on Competition


Danielle Cotton, Staff Writer


Gaither marching band is competing at Wiregrass High School this Saturday for their second competition of the year

The band’s previous competition was at Tarpon Spring High School where they placed third overall and second in their division.

The band has practice long and hard to get ready. “We have practices 4-7 pm every Tuesday and Thursday,” said senior Mekayla Vazquez. The marching band will even practice on game day for their competition. “If we have a game on Friday we will have about an hour of practice, if we don’t have a football game we have practice 4-8.”

Many of the students feel they are ready because of the number of hours they have put into their practice that is necessary to have the level of performance they want to achieve. While some of the new members are nervous, the older members are confident and excited because they put much time and energy into their practice.

Many students can’t wait to compete because it is their favorite part of being in marching band. “My favorite part of competing is performing the amazing show we worked so hard on in front of the other bands,” said sophomore Jaden Landers.

Gaither will be performing at 3 pm.