Patio Seating Takes a Seat


Austin Carlton, Staff Writer

Students at Gaither are no longer allowed to sit on the outdoor patio.

In years prior, it was available to all students, and most recently it was open to seniors as a senior privilege. However, administrators have now removed it.

This change has been noticed by many of Gaither’s student body and has caused some conflict in the amount of students seated in the cafeteria during

“The patio has been closed due to it being left dirty and students skipping.” Said  Assistant Principal for Student Affairs Rubye Dunn.

The patio also lacked “supervisory cover.” When the students were allowed to sit there they couldn’t always be supervised as administrators would have liked them to be.

However, it will be a part of an incentive program.

“It’s planned to be an incentive for the students who behave well and do well in their classes.”Dunn said.

Although there are already plans for the patio“ I think the patio should be a senior privilege,” Said Gwen Cordero, junior.

Because the cafeteria is commonly loud and crowded, many students think that the patio can make a difference in the amount of students in the cafeteria.

“I think we should have the outdoor seating, it would clear up some space in the cafeteria.” Said junior, Payton.

Dunn said that the students can expect the patio to be open “by the end of September.” Students can also count on seeing improvements made to the outdoor patio to make it a more safe, school-friendly seating area.