GHS Chorus Wows with Annual Spectrum Show


Yacob Reyes, Staff Writer

Last Thursday, Spectrum showcased an enticing production. The show consisted of multiple performances broken up by short humorous skits, leaving audiences and those participating with an experience they’ll remember for days to come.

“To me, Spectrum all day all night was a fun and exhilarating experience. It really demonstrated the skill and talent that our choral program here at Gaither has to offer,” said sophomore Bryce Padgett, who is finishing his first year of Spectrum.

Newcomers were excited to be thrown into the mix, but for some of the returning cast their last show was a bit nostalgic.

“It’s been quite the ride,” said senior Ben Sams. “Today I picked up my cap and gown, and once I realized I was holding my cap and gown, on the night of my last spectrum show, a reality check sunk in hard and made me appreciate this show and all the ones that have come before it.”

With only a short bracket of time to prepare for the show, students were amazed by how well it turned out. “It’s crazy how quickly they can put together their performances with just a few practices. They set the standard for next year’s show really high,” said freshman Rachel Slay.

“All of their practice definitely paid off,” added junior Cruz Rojas.

Though at first glance the theme seemed pretty vague, students were astonished by the song choice and how they were delivered.

“I was impressed by the music they picked and the way they performed each song. It was like I was at a real concert,” said senior Joshua Jordan.

As for the performers themselves, a lot of effort was necessary to put on the show.

“With a lot of hard work and dedication, the 1 1/2 month process of putting on this show was no easy task. However, with the commitment from all those within the show it turned out to be an amazing performance for each and every single person,” said sophomore Julian Bolta.

In short, Spectrum didn’t fail to leave a great impression on the student body.