Annual Star Revue Showcases ‘Astonishing’ Student Talent


Yacob Reyes, Staff Writer

Last Thursday, the PSTA’s “Star Revue” talent show left audiences awestruck with a variety of acts including singing, dancing, beatboxing, and other performances.

The talent show provided a outlet for students to express themselves and exhibit their gifts to the community.

“Everyone did such a great job. I had no idea we had so many students with such astonishing talents.” said sophomore Zahra Hajighassem. All students were invited to support their friends and peers as they showcased their greatest skills.

“For many of us watching our peers take the courage and show their skills was eye-opening. We see these people everyday but we have no idea what they’re capable of, it’s beautiful,” said sophomore Alex Perez.

Other students also expressed their surprise at seeing their peers in a new light. “I thought it was very well organized,” said junior Nick Sweicky. “I was shocked to say the least, so many people you would’ve never known that have such amazing God-given talents.”

Beyond impacting those watching, the show encouraged those participating to bring out their inner creativity and take a break from the constant stress of everyday life.

“Due to my ACL surgery the talent show coordinator was very helpful and lenient on me, even going above and beyond on finding a stool,” said sophomore Julian Bolta. “I’m very blessed for this years talent show because it kept me uplifted and strong throughout my personal issues with my knee. I can’t wait for it next year!”

Overall, the talent show was a success and students are hoping next year’s is even better.