20,000 Join St. Pete Women’s March, Gaither Students Included


Danielle Cotton, Staff Writer

The Women’s March took place in downtown St. Petersburg at noon on Saturday Jan. 21 and the march went until about 4. The march was in protest of President Donald Trump’s inauguration and to promote women’s rights.

Pre march festivals included  different organizations supporting women’s rights and different influential  speakers of different ages talking to the crowd and inspiring them.“There were tents with different organizations supporting women’s rights and they educated me more on the matter,” said Emily Dole.

“The march took place to display the strength and power of women and to show that we will not be ignored or disrespected by the leaders of our nation,” said junior  Elizabeth Sinclair. “It was a message for the people who make the laws and policies that affect our everyday lives, that we will not just accept whatever is given to us. We will fight for what we deserve.”

Many people had signs at the protest, ones that reflected the demands women have such as reproductive health and how they felt they are treated in the workplace just because of their sex. “I had a sign that said YOUR BODY, YOUR CHOICE,” said Dole.

Many decided to go because of the election and because it affects them as well.

“I decided to go because I felt a sort of responsibility to represent all of the women who have been affected by the misogynistic and sexist behavior that is so prevalent in our society, and now in our White House,” said Sinclair.

Dole said she went because she is very passionate about this subject, and strongly believes that women truly have the power to change the world someday.

Thousands of women marched to show how they feel about President Trump. Many feel that they are being persecuted by the new administration and feel that they can’t be themselves.

Families and friends gathered at the protest in hopes of making a difference and hope that this begins a new era of activism. Dole said she hopes that the march will open their eyes and minds to what the future beholds for women around the world and to raise our daughters knowing they can grow up to be whoever they want to be with no limitations stopping them from achieving their goals in life while Sinclair said she hopes that the women of the world will feel more comfortable in standing up for themselves and for what they believe in and I hope our generation gets a sense of how powerful we truly are, how much change we can affect. We are a mighty force, and I can’t wait to witness and participate in the development of a new age where women and men are treated as equals in all aspects.

Thousands of women across the nation marched together not just as women but as sisters to show that they will not stand for the behavior and treatment any longer and will show support and love for all their members not only in America but across the world as well.