Gaither JROTC takes First in Overall Competition

Gaither JROTC takes First in Overall Competition

Danielle Cotton, Staff Writer

Gaither JROTC competed in their first competition of the year on Oct. 15 at Mitchell High School. They competed against nine other schools and in 11 different events.

They came in first in Unarmed Basic, Overall Academics, Armed X, and Overall Drill. Students also came in second in Overall Athletics, Overall Sit-ups, Unarmed X and Color Guard.

The first competition of the year was a drill competition which is broken down into Drill, Athletics, and Academics.

“Drill is unarmed basic and exhibition and armed basic and exhibition. Athletics are push-ups and sit-ups. Academics is a 100-question multiple choice test,” said junior Zachary Landers, a Petty Officer Second Class.

They worked hard to win first place. “We prepared with hours and hours of practice over the past few months and even the last few months of last school year,” said Landers. “We’re very proud of ourselves in our performance.”

Everybody has one event that they feel is the hardest and one that they feel is the easiest.

“The hardest part in my opinion was the pressure of having judges watching your every move,” said Landers. “Easiest for me was probably armed exhibition, I was nervous at first but after it started it went away.”

Each person worked on a certain event that they wanted to compete in, either as an individual or as a team. Even though there are events that they do as individuals, it is still a team effort to win overall.

Their next competition is Nov. 5 at Lake Howell High School.