Thespian Troupe Presents ‘PIES’


Kayla Mutunhu

Kayla Mutunhu, Editor-in-Chief

Taking the stage by storm, Troupe 3780 did it again- and this time, it’s with a pie to the face.

PIES,’ also known as ‘Pre Individual Events Show,’ was a production supervised by Mr. William Albritton, sponsor of the school’s Thespian Troupe, which took place on Sept. 30. The evening was filled with monologues, duet and ensemble acting, and solo musicals.

The hosts of the show, Kaylee LoPresto and Riley McDonald, kept the audience entertained and alive. Actors and singers entered the stage right, with lights beaming off of their faces as they introduced themselves and represented their troupe.

Some acts dripped with satire, while others crackled with despair. Thespians expressed themselves through various songs and characters, showing students the vulnerable yet thrilling side of drama.

The show closed out with an ensemble musical of “Die, Vampire, Die,” presented by a few thespians as a preview of the troupe’s next performance, Title of Show.

After the last performance, Albritton was called up to the stage for a special ‘thank you,’ courtesy of the members of PIES. As the sponsor sat down, he was instructed to remove his glasses. The cast ended the show with a bang, crashing a pie into the director’s face.

The Thespian Troupe’s next show, Title of Show, is scheduled for Oct. 28-30. Tickets are $8 in advance and $10 at the door.