Flu Virus Outbreaks, Students get Vaccinated

Kayla Cantres, Opinions Editor

Recently, the school has been hit with a wave of flu infections, due to a lack of hygine usually found amongst teenagers.

The flu has been spreading at an increasingly fast rate. A rainy climate can also accelerate the spread of the virus, as exemplified by Florida’s current weather.

Hillsborough County has responded rather fast to this outbreak by administering free flu shots and vaccinations for students. Common examples of lack of hygiene that can easily be avoided include making sure students always wash their hands after the restroom, coughing, and eating, and not sharing their drinks with any of their friends, regardless if they are or aren’t sick.

Florida’s rainy weather has played a significant role in the spread of the virus by many students who walk home and get caught in the rain which may weaken their immune system. Hopefully, students will recognize the drastic spread of this virus, and that will help to reduce chances for another outbreak within the school.