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Credit union open on Wednesdays

Marc Costello, staff writer

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With the new school year having already started the Sun Coast Federal Union has started back up.

The Sun Coast Federal Credit Union is a nonprofit organization that educates students on the importance of having a saving and checking account and how to manage it.

“The Credit Union is a great way to educate students in finance to prepare them for the future” said Debbie Delgado, Sun Coast Federal Credit Union representative

To sign up for the Credit Union is not a difficult process. To sign up students must visit the table set up in the cafeteria every Wednesday where they can then find the application where they then have to complete and turn back in.

Once accepted, the Credit Union students can open a savings account and receive an ATM card with just a minimum deposit of $5. And for students 16 years of age or older are eligible to open a checking account and get a free check card.

With each new member added to the credit union, students are one step closer to having an ATM machine in Gaither.

“I would use the ATM here because it would be easier than going to Bank of America every time I need money,”said junior Natasha Kuehner.

Other students share similar views.

 “It would be convenient to have an ATM in our school, I would use it a lot,” said junior Rudy Domiguez.

 The ATM Gaither would receive is not an ordinary ATM. Unlike regular ATM’s that allow students to withdraw 10s and 20s; Gaither’s ATM would allow students to withdraw $1bills as well as other quantities.

Joining the Sun Coast Federal Credit Union also has its perks.  Students who join and are members are put into a raffle and are eligible to receive prizes such as two tickets to a performing arts show and a flip camera.  Also being a member of the Credit Union gives students discounts on loan rates as well.

The Credit Union is also a nonprofit organization which means the money they make does not go to them; they give it back to the members though drawings and raffles.

The Sun Coast Federal Credit Union’s philosophy is people helping people and they exercise this in every way possible such as giving away free items in raffles and discounts on rates.

The Credit Union is a great way to educate students on how to manage their money and prepare them for life in the long run.

Gaithers’ Credit Union is only 54 accounts from getting an ATM.

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Credit union open on Wednesdays