School Calendar Changes Again

Katie Hoskinson, News Editor

    A day was also taken off the school calendar. Schools are required to have a minimum of 180 days each school year, but due to planning for hurricane days, there was always a surplus number. This year the School Board has decided to take away the extra day and still stay within compliance of the 180 day school year. This change allows school to end on a Friday, rather than the following Monday.

The Hillsborough County School Board finalized another change to the official school calendar on Tuesday, Sep. 7. This change will bring major differences to the school year, including reducing the number of days to 180, allowing an entire week off for Thanksgiving break, adding a four day weekend in March and taking away non-student days in both October and February. The last two early release days were also removed from the calendar.

According to Classroom Teachers Association representative for Gaither, Ruth Angert, the addition of the four-day weekend in March was made mainly to make up for the lag between Winter and Spring Break. Spring Break is late this year because the state changed the FCAT test dates.

“There were too many people complaining about the late Spring Break, so they decided it would be best to change [the calendar],” said social studies teacher Teresa Trumbach.

Staff writers Jackie Lawson, Amber Razzano, Kelli Eichorn, Carly Cepelak, and Andy Zunz also contributed to this report.