A New Life for Kay Luna


Courtesy of Kay Luna

Shanelle Tavarez

In May 2019, Kay Lynn Luna, now a 17 year old junior at Gaither High School, found out the shocking news that would change her life forever.

At the time, Luna had no idea that she was with child. It surprised everyone in her life.

She was extremely nervous and couldn’t believe that there was a little life growing inside her.

Luna decided shortly after learning about her pregnancy that it was time to tell everyone involved in her life.

She told her parents, who were extremely disappointed at first but ended up being her biggest supporters. Luna’s friends also immediately supported her and would later do something amazing for her.

Things got difficult when she had to decide whether or not she was going to keep the baby.

“I didn’t want an abortion as I knew I had a life growing inside me that I had no right to just take away as they could be so great in the world. I made the decision, looking into the best interest of the child to go through with a family adoption,” said Luna.

Luna’s brother and his wife are currently in the military, serving our country. They’ve always wanted to start a family but were unable to, which made them look into adoption. As soon as they found out that Luna was pregnant, they wanted to help her in anyway they could.

“They offered me a way to still pursue my dreams to be a vet and go to the army. So when I give birth, the child will be going to my brother and his wife, and I’ll be able to be a part of my child’s life. I’ll be signing all my rights away as a parent. So in all, my brother and his wife will finally be able to have a child and I’ll be like an aunt until the child is old enough to understand the circumstances,” said Luna.

A few months ago, Luna had the joy of discovering her child’s gender.

Luna’s friends were able to find out the gender of the child before her and surprised her with a cake after school. Luna cut into the pastry and discovered blue frosting inside. Luna found out she was having a baby boy.

Luna is handling many different hardships that come with her new life and had to adapt to the new responsibilities that come with a pregnancy. She has to make sure that she keeps herself and her child healthy. Luna has also had to grow up fast and focus on her education. Finishing high school and pursuing a college education will allow her to be able to become more independent.

“It’s good to take a few moments to remind myself that I must focus and realize that the small unimportant things won’t matter later on,” said Luna.

When Luna’s son is born, she plans on continuing her education at Gaither and graduating early. She plans to follow her dreams.