Student Spotlight: Corey Hobson

Student Spotlight: Corey Hobson

Courtesy of Gaither HS Cowboys Football Team

Darrin Davis, Sports Editor

Senior Corey Hobson is both the kicker and punter for the football team, and a great one at that. He soars punts down field and makes 50 yard field goals on the regular. There is no doubt that this young man is a Special Teams all-star.

Although Hobson’s passion is football, it wasn’t always of interest to him. He started his athletic career with baseball and soccer at a young age, and continued his campaign in both sports for 10 years.

Hobson says that soccer was his main sport and while not punting the ball down field or making field goals, he likes to kick the ball around with his friends.

We asked Hobson, since he loves soccer so much, why did he decide to play football? To which he stated: it was David Mazur, the starting quarter back for our own Cowboys who recruited Hobson knowing of his avid skill as a soccer player. He asked his long-term friend to come try out and see how he liked it. “I was hooked,” Hobson added as he took leaps and bounds.

His skill as a Special Teams player skyrocketed and is still currently rising. He has achieved some impressive athletic achievements with a personal field goal record of 60 yards and winning the FIU field goal/punt competition this year.

Hobson is shaping up to be a great kicker much like his idol Cody Parkey, a former Auburn University kicker, who just happens to come out of Hobson’s dream school.

As if playing football and balancing grades wasn’t enough of a challenge for him, Hobson is a duel sport athlete playing golf for Cowboys, as well. When asked why he took up golf, Hobson responded, “Golf has always been a hobby of mine, and I play it on the regular, either by myself or with a group of my friends.”

Knowing the importance of school and the vital role academics play on the track to college for an athlete such as himself, for an athletic scholarship, Hobson pushes all other activities, be it friends, television, internet, and sports to the side and prioritizes his grades. Hobson says he maintains a B average in all his classes.

Being the type of person to take on challenges, both on and off the field, all of Hobson’s classes are Honors and he has also experimented with A.P. classes.
Hobson plans on getting a scholarship for football to attend Auburn University just like his seven relatives before him. When asked what goals he has for this school year, Corey said, “Simple: not fail any classes, maintain my average, and try and raise my GPA.”

However, when asked what his goals for the season were, his eyes lit up and burned with desire saying, “I’m going to lead the County in punting and I will not miss a single kick this year.”

Come out to the games and join senior Corey Hobson in the classroom as he fights to achieve his goals for his final year of high school.