Taking Beatheads Rhythm Gaming Club to the Next Level

Viviana Burgos

On Oct. 30, during seventh period, the Rhythm Gaming Club is hosting its first virtual event in the right wing of Gaither’s auditorium.  The event is called “Beat Saber,” which is the name of a virtual reality rhythm game.  

Club members participate in events in tournaments to compete against each other using their musicality and gaming skills. 

“Rhythm gaming is basically tapping to the beat of a certain song or certain music track,” Greg Bateham, President of the Rhythm Gaming club said. 

Students that would like to participate in the Beat Saber event should see the Rhythm Gaming sponsor, Rachel McKeon to receive a temporary club card.

“Anybody can come, we would prefer if you would join the club, but of course it is open for everybody,” Bateham said.  

Students can find McKeon in room 406 or find Bateham with any questions and concerns.