College T-Shirt Mondays Give Students Opportunity to Express Interest in Future Schools

Nick Delrio, News/Features Editor

College, the next journey for some people who wish to continue their education into further degrees.

For students that wish to expand their education careers by attending universities and schools off in distant lands. They may have college wear that they can boast about around school. Some students don’t know when to wear said clothes. Luckily at the school admins have established a day that students can glamorize their dream school; every Monday!
Seniors have the best idea of where they would like to attend college. For those who have committed attending to their said school, students will have t-shirts, hoodies, coffee mugs, etc.
This isn’t just for seniors, though; if students fall into the category of underclassman could also wear their college attire. Some teachers wear the college they once attended way back when.
The problem is that not many students wear college attire on the designated day, which is a shame because it’s a great way for students to show off the school they will going to, investing students pride into their wear. The best thing that you could take out of it, is that students may see another student wearing their school and that could be a great way to make friends. Depending on how compatible they may be students could wind up to be dorm mates at the college
But some people aren’t satisfied with just the sense of pride they achieve from wearing college clothing on Mondays. More students may eventually become engaged with this school wide activity if they felt like they were rewarded, whether it would be by receiving candy or being drafted into a ticket raffle where the school could give away a t-shirt with a college on it or a coffee mug.
College Monday may enhance the value that education holds in our life and how accomplished we should be that students have made it past many educational milestones that some students persevered through obstacles that were hard to overcome.
College seems like the end but it’s only the beginning as it sets students up for many more unexpected challenges they will take on in your life. So why not enjoy the college life for a bit, wear the schools shirt and show life that you aren’t afraid of its scary standards. Hope to see faculty and students representing the schools they’ve attended or the schools they dream to attend next Monday, and the Monday after that, then the Monday after that, and so on so forth.