Catelynn Adams: Senior of Determination and Drive


Shanelle Tavarez

Vallye Catelynn Adams or known to most as Catelynn, is a graduating senior of Gaither High School. Adams is an 18 year old, born in Tampa, Fla. at the USF hospital. 

When Adams was just a few months old she suffered from hearing issues and consistent ear infections. At one point, Adams lost around 60% of her hearing and had failed multiple hearing tests. When Adams was little over a year old she had surgery but, due to the hearing loss at such a young age, Adams developed a speech impediment. At the age of three, Adams attended a state mandated speech therapy and has been going ever since.

“I was teased and bullied a lot throughout my childhood due to my speech and stutter, which I developed around the fifth grade. But I’ve gained a lot of patience and understanding from this. I try my best to be patient with everyone and know that when people make comments they just don’t understand my situation or what it’s like. My mind is always thinking faster than the words can come out of my mouth,” said Adams.

For nine years Adams lived in Palm Beach and played competitive softball in South Florida. However she stopped when her and her family moved back to Tampa right before her 5th grade year. During middle school Adams played the flute and violin, however she didn’t find her passion for theatre until attending Gaither. Adams fell in love with the program. 

“My favorite memory at Gaither was when we were setting up for the thespian competition Individual Events. All of the thespians were at school that night setting up until like 8 or 9 but we were all together and helping each other out. And my favorite teacher is definitely Albritton. His classroom was always a safe place for me to go, and he never ever doubted me, even when I doubted myself. Albritton taught me leadership skills and I found my passion in his theater class and program. I remember it was my first performance at a thespian competition and I had a duet with Charisma, and I was so nervous I thought I was gonna throw up. Every bad scenario was running through my head but I was terrified of stuttering when we had to slate our performance. Right before Charisma and I are about to perform we’re talking with Albritton and I look up at him and say “what if I stutter” and he looks at me and says “so what? If you stutter that wouldn’t ruin the performance, and for all I care you could stutter on every word and blow the whole thing and I wouldn’t think any less of you. Just have fun,” said Adams.

With the theatre program Adams was able to make bonds and connect with others. She gained a second family that supported her and accepted her for who she was, a driven and determined individual. Adams is loyal and selfless, someone who would be considered the mom of the group. She cares deeply about her friends and would do anything for them.

After high school Adams plans to attend college at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. There she plans to earn her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Stage Management and Theatrical Design and Production.

After college Adams would love to move to New York and achieve her dream of becoming a stage manager for a Broadway production or even going on a national tour.