Coach Kirk Karsen Makes a Difference in Student Lives


Photo from Tampa Bay Buccaneer's Website

Coach Kirk Karsen shakes hands with Tampa Bay Buccaneers Head Coach Bruce Arians.

Tulio Martinez

Kirk Karsen, head football coach and physical education teacher, has become a big influence for Gaither High school students and Cowboy football.

It all started a few years back when a friend of his asked him to help coach a girl’s flag football team. Karsen really enjoyed it and then became a coach, which was one of the things he’s always wanted to do.

Karsen received the Buccaneers Coach of the Week after his team won a really hard game against the Plant Panthers 35-28, a team that was nationally ranked.

“I am looking forward to building off of what we’ve accomplished and seeing if the new senior class can take the next step into the state championship,” Karsen said.

The thing that has impacted Karsen the most about coaching is the effect he has on students. They say that Karsen made a difference in their life.

“I love it when students come back years later and say that I made their lives better in any ways and I had an impact on them as people,” Karsen said.

Karsen says the biggest challenge he’s had to overcome as a football coach and teacher has been the parents. He has noticed that parents have a higher tolerance for their children misbehaving or getting worse grades. However, he also says that parents are not as overprotective of their children as they used to be. 

“You can’t be great without hard work. You can’t just say you’re great and be great. You have to work hard for everything you do, whether it’s for school or for any sports you play, you have to be working,” Karsen said.

Karsen has very high expectations for next year’s football team. He hopes to make a difference in more students’ lives.