Gaither Alumni: Where are they now?


Courtesy of KSL News Radio

Panayiota Laliotis

Gaither High School Alumni have gone and made lives for themselves but some have held onto their Cowboy ties. Former Cowboys shared old memories, highlights and advice for current students.

One of Gaither’s English teachers, Erich Wieloszynski, is an alumnus. In his high school years, Wieloszynski didn’t plan on being an English teacher. He first sparked an interest when his English teacher, Ms. Sabella, had him teach the class after he’d been goofing around during her lesson. 

“I see so many kids that just don’t care like when it comes to their school work… They don’t realize how much harder they should work. College is getting more and more difficult every year to get into. If they don’t bust their tails now they’re not going to college,” said Wieloszynski.

One thing Wieloszynski misses from his time as a student is “Thursday Round-ups.” The “round-ups” were run by club members who threw pep rallies the Thursday before the football games after school.

“It was one of those things that brought you into school on a Thursday night and it was really fun,” said Wieloszynski.

Alumna Devin Dedon was deeply inspired by her high school band director, Brian Dell to go to Louisiana State University and study music education.

Dedon is a former middle school band director and current stay-at-home mom.

“I would say focus on having fun and not so much about college. Academics are important, but make sure to enjoy yourself. The real life will come soon enough,” said Dedon.

Another teacher and alumnus at Gaither, Billy Helms, says he has been to three reunions.

“At the 10 year [reunion] everyone was trying to impress each other. What job you have and how much money you made. The 20 year was the real deal. People were divorced, had kids, lost jobs and were losing hair (except me and my wife),” said Helms.

Helms is especially proud that Gaither hosts the Special Olympics, an event where special needs students and their peer partners gather together for a day of fun and games.

“To me, [Special Olympics] is the crown achievement of what this school does, empowering that segment of our community is spectacular,” said Helms. 

Helms says to enjoy senior year, it goes by quick.

“Be nice to everyone, because even 31 years after being a student here, I run into alumni all the time.”- Helms 

From Gaither’s very own principal, Thomas Morrill and to others like Channing Tatum, Brittany Snow and Kevin Cash, Gaither’s alumni have made great strides in their lives.