Andie Fields Has a Passion for Puppies and Volunteering


Courtesy of Andie Fields

Shanelle Tavarez

Andie Fields is a level-headed, animal loving, club president who will be seen saving animal’s lives in the future.  Fields is nothing short of an inspiration for fellow young ladies out there. 

Andrea Graysen Fields, or “Andie,” is a 16 year old young lady born in Ohio and raised in Florida.  

Fields and her family moved to Florida in 2006; she was just three years old. Fields describes the experience of moving as, “cool as it was a new experience for me.”

Fields is currently a junior at Gaither High School. Fields considers herself to be very involved at school. She enjoys attending football games and any event the school hosts. 

Fields was a part of the theater program last year and played the role of Baby Bear in the spring musical, “Shrek”

In 2018, the Humane Society Club was founded as a club where individuals gather together to donate their time and money to animals in need. 

Fields decided to join the Humane Society because of her love for animals. She figured The Humane Society would be a wonderful fit. Fields would later decide to run for President of the club. 

She aspires to be a veterinarian or wildlife conservationist in the future. 

Fields believes that her biggest success is the amount of time she’s volunteered to help animals. Fields currently has 95 service hours and plans to get more in the future.

When she’s not volunteering her time to helping animals, Fields is making memories with her family and friends. Fields values memories and pictures more than physical things and enjoys kicking back and relaxing with her pets. Fields considers herself as more of a dog person but loves all animals. 

When it comes to school, Fields enjoys her classes and teachers. However, she does have some hardships like the average student. 

“School hardships are something that is hard to get through during but just keep pushing through because everything gets easier with time,” Fields said. 

When talking about difficulties in life, Fields says, “when I go through a rough patch, I think the most important thing to learn is to always remain super hopeful cause it gets better.”