Humane Society: The Club ‘Fur’ You


Photo Courtesy of Yacob Reyes

Hayley Greenlaw, Staff Writer


Club season has officially begun and this year Gaither is introducing some new clubs. One new club this year is the Humane Society Club.

The Humane Society club is led by senior Alexis McDonald, with the help of the sponsor Patrick Geanconteri and the vice president, junior Michael Feldman.

This club is dedicated to helping the Humane Society by participating in volunteer events and also sending things like dog bowls and pet food every month to help better supply the shelters. Every month there are going to be different themed campaigns to help the animals, such as bringing in blankets during the winter.

The Humane Society club is for everyone, especially the animal lovers.

“I really just love animals,” said McDonald. “There are just so many animals that are in the nice stores that are bred to be perfect and no one thinks about the animals in the shelters.”

McDonald wants to raise awareness for all the animals that don’t have a home and wants people to at least know what they can do to help out the organization.

“I definitely want to get as many donations as I can and do the monthly awareness campaigns to show love to the animals since they don’t get a lot of love,” said McDonald.

Feldman also shares a similar love for animals.

“I love making animals lives better and helping shelters around the area,” said Feldman. Both Feldman and McDonald share a common goal for the animals, which is to provide shelter for those in need. “As a club, we’re going to come up with more common goals, but for right now our goal is to provide as much shelter to different animals as we can,” said Feldman.

If you want to help animals, you love animals, or you just want to learn more about the Humane Society in general, join the Humane Society club. You’ll get to help animals in need and maybe pet a few of them along the way.