5 Tips to Ace the SAT


Yacob Reyes, Staff Writer


As SAT approaches, stress levels are reaching an all time high.  While most students are desperate to cram information in their head, there are much simpler, safer ways to prepare for the dreaded assessment.


  • Wake up early and have a healthy breakfast. Whether you normally eat breakfast or not, It’s a good idea to make time to eat something healthy before the SAT. Having food in your system can help the brain work more efficiently.
  • Use the process of elimination. Eliminating answers you can tell are wrong right off the bat can save you time and increase your chance at getting it correct.
  • Guess: don’t leave anything blank! There is no longer a point deduction for wrong answers on the SAT, so answer every question, regardless if you’re sure it’s correct.
  • Pace yourself! The SAT is timed and each question is worth the same, don’t spend too much time on the difficult ones.
  • Relax! Getting anxious before the test is normal, but try to calm down. Being nervous can affect your test performance.


SAT testing will be taking place for juniors on Wed., March 7.