Top Reasons Students Have End of Break Blues

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Top Reasons Students Have End of Break Blues

Alicia Sanchez-Brooks, Staff Writer

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That final day before break ends is an exhausting one: preparing for school and doing laundry is a dread. The following weeks seem to be the time of walking zombies for all. Here are some of the top reasons why going back to school after a long break is the worst.


1. Sleep Cycle
It’s already hard enough getting up early for school; but after staying up late almost every night? It’s a constant struggle for weeks after. Getting back in your normal rhythm can seem impossible. Staying awake in school is a challenge all on its own, but who really got well rested over break? Everyone was out late getting the most out of their time off.

2. Dealing with Teachers
All the work received from teachers is going to be a hassle, especially when trying to change classes with the new semester. They’re expecting everyone to come back ready to work, when really we’re all simply struggling to move out of bed and be functioning humans.

3. Forgetting Information
Coming back from break and having to do work means not remembering a single piece of information. Be prepared to deal with the consequences of brain-dump.

4. Whiplash Whirlwind
We all become scatter-brained with the sudden change of going back to school and immediately having to start doing work and remembering new schedules. The first weeks back are a bombardment of important dates and projects that must be kept up with immediately.

5. -Itis
People are familiar with Senioritis, but let’s be honest with ourselves and say every grade has its own procrastination illness. Everyone catches the -itis of not wanting to do anything: teachers, students and even parents dread returning to the hustle and bustle of school and the stress it entails.

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