Club Spotlight: Stargazers Club


Danielle Cotton, Staff Writer

 Gaither High School has a new interesting club being offered to students. The Stargazers Club is being sponsored by Kelleigh Weeks.

The purpose of Stargazers is to explore different aspects of astronomy and the night skies.

“The goal is to familiarize students with the stars in the skies and with careers related to astronomy,” said Weeks. “I am hoping to give students the chance to learn more Space is cool and stars are amazing. I want to share that with the students here.”

The club will be doing a fundraiser within the club to help pay for (approval pending) two Saturday field trips. One trip will be to a planetarium and the other is still in the works. The club will be involved in school events and will be participating by hosting space-related games.

The cost to join Stargazers is five dollars plus a t-shirt.

“We are working to keep costs down. For the field trips there may be some fees as well,” said Weeks.

Besides having club day meetings there will be a few evening ones as well.

“I am hoping to have a couple evening events where we have telescopes set out to view the stars. We would likely have the events here at school for ease of transportation,” said Weeks.

Stargazers have a group on Edsby called Gaither Stargazers Astronomy Club as well as a Remind group.