Club Spotlight: Mu Alpha Theta

Club Spotlight: Mu Alpha Theta

Brendan Fredericks, Staff Writer

Mu Alpha Theta (MAΘ) is the mathematics national honor society club that is dedicated to excellence and interest in mathematics, mainly composed of students with a GPA of at least 3.5 specifically in mathematical subjects. This year, MAΘ is sponsored by Pre-Calculus and Statistics teacher John Heatherly, with Seniors Bing Chen and Dariush Kim as the co-presidents of the club.

MAΘ club meetings are dedicated to planning and preparing for school-sponsored events such as the Math Bowl competitions. Math Bowl is the event when GHS students compete with other schools and it occurs four times a year, where teams and individuals go against each other to solve math problems quickly and efficiently.

“As president, my job is to try to get the club going,” said Kim. “Some people may think that math is boring, but there are so much to math that it cannot be boring. People in MAΘ are in MAΘ because they want to learn what is normally not taught during school. I enjoy teaching others about the new concepts that they might have not known, and i feel it is my job, not just as president, but as a senior to help younger students with math.”

“The competitions have a lot of tense moments of us yelling at each other and hurrying to solve problems and figuring out who among us is correct,” says club member junior Bryan Nguyen. “It sounds barbaric but it is actually very fun.”

“It’s a great learning experience,” said junior member Thanh Tran. “You get the chance to develop different styles and ways to solve problems. I highly recommend the club. The people are nice, it’s very chill, and it looks great on college and job applications.”

MAΘ also assists in other events such as Relay for Life and the Special Olympics.

If you have at least a GPA of 3.5 in mathematics and you’re interested in joining Mu Alpha Theta, visit Heatherly in room 282 about applying. Club fees are $20.