Promposal Season at Gaither


Leigh Dittman, Copy Editor

Prom season is quickly approaching which means that Promposals are already taking over social media. Pictures are everywhere of some of the cutest proposals to date which means the bar is being raised. To help, here are eight cute ideas to ask someone to Prom.

  • If your significant other is a bookworm, prom proposals in their favorite book store are a great way to go. Have them meet you at the store of choice in a secluded section. When you ask the big question, have it in a massive popup book with each page consisting of part of the question. It’s such a romantic gesture, your book lover will have to say yes.
  • Asking friends to Prom can always be a fun idea that is entertaining for both people involved. You could go so many different ways- either make it seem super romantic (a candlelight dinner for two), a grand gesture (a poster in front of the entire cafeteria) or super down low (just ask while hanging out in sweatpants and watching Netflix). Going with friends is always a great time and highly recommended.
  • Asking with a poster in front of the cafeteria is a common move. If you decide to go that way, make sure the poster is meaningful to both you and the other person. Sometimes it’s fun to have an audience and the cafeterias never fail to cheer but make sure the person you’re asking is going to be comfortable with being put on the spot.
  • If the person you’re asking is involved in some sort of sport, it’s always a cute idea to somehow incorporate their sport. Cheesy puns like “Prom with you would be a homerun” or “cross the finish line of senior year with me? Prom?” are always a hit.
  • Surprises with candy and flowers are small gestures that can sometimes mean the world to the person being asked. Show up on their doorstep with roses and chocolates and you’ll leave with a prom date.
  • Decorate their car windows! That’s always cute and a fun, creative way to ask someone to prom. Just make sure to offer to clean the windows off for them or make sure they’ll be able to see when they drive.
  • Puns are always really dorky and cute if the person you’re asking has a sense of humor. Get their favorite candies, mention their favorite shows, use their favorite characters, or gift something that all can easily be turned into cheesy puns worth saying yes to.
  • Use food. Food is always a winner.

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