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The Pony Express


Brianna Maxey, Staff Writer

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Aries, Mar. 21- Apr. 19: You’re shy and reserved. You want nothing to do with anyone around you. Also you like sandwiches. Too bad it’s salad day.

Taurus, Apr. 20- May 20: The love of your life will be wearing a hotdog t-shirt. It’s green.

Gemini, May 21- Jun. 20: You’re amazingly outgoing and HATE MUSIC. Your underwear is purple.

Cancer, Jun. 21- Jul, 22: You’ll find yourself telling everyone all of your personal problems. They will not listen.

Leo, Jul. 23- Aug. 22: You’re cool but watch out for any blue ink pens.

Virgo, Aug. 23- Sept. 22: You’re the most understanding person. Your friends will see that this week. You’ll find candy on the floor today.

Libra, Sept. 23- Oct. 22: You love the unbalance in life. You’re very caught up in today’s styles and fads. Watch out for any open toed shoes. Trust me.

Scorpio, Oct. 23- Nov. 21: Scorpion.

Sagittarius, Nov. 22- Dec. 21: You’re going to eat something expired today. Watch out.

Capricorn, Dec. 22- Jan. 19: You’re really funny today. You don’t show affection to those who actually love and appreciate you but you’ll show it to random people who don’t deserve it.

Aquarius, Jan. 20- Feb. 18: You regret cutting someone out of your life. You realize now that it was the biggest mistake of your life.

Pisces, Feb. 19- Mar. 20: Isn’t this a fish?? Fishy.

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The Student-Led Newspaper of Gaither High School.