Have a (Florida State) Fair Time

Kayla Cantres, Staff Writer

Family fun is at its finest at the Florida State Fair, which comes every year in February, since 1904 Florida has organized a fair with rides and food.

The fair is an affordable, and convenient way to bring families together to have a fun, safe time. The fair brings a great deal of opportunities to meet new people, maybe even new friends from different areas.

You can eat exotic, new foods and experience things you never have before . It’s also a good way to celebrate birthdays with the people you love.

Great deal of strangers uniting with one another. It’s an excuse to get out the house and have some classic fun playing carnival games, food you won’t be able to find anywhere else and ride rare rides.

The fair also is a great open opportunity to take a girl or boy out on a date where you will have the time of your lives.

The environment is friendly and family oriented, it’s also located in a convenient location with positive staff.

The fair provides plenty of experiences for all ages. Not only does it provide good food , games and rides but it has comedy shows , stunt divers , amazing animals and more !! But the best part of going to the fair is when you get to see all the smiling faces on everyone.