Gasparilla Art Festival Includes Interactive Pieces

Kaia Bonilla

The 50th Anniversary of the Gasparilla Art Festival took place over the weekend of Feb. 29 to Mar. 1 and was extremely successful. 

The festival displayed works of art by a diverse group of artists. Every piece of art was unique. From paint on a canvas to blow-glass sculptures, there were pieces for everyone’s taste.

The most eye-catching piece at the show was the Nomad Art Bus. At this exhibit, paint was provided to the attendees to decorate a retired bus. 

Next to the bus were multiple cars painted with different themes. One of these cars was interactive. It was covered with a chalkboard paint so people could doodle on the body of the car.

An amazing thing about art is sometimes it isn’t just about an aesthetic appeal, but for a deeper purpose. 

Project G.O.A.T is a public art campaign that decorates and paints sculptures of goats by artists. G.O.A.T is an acronym for Global Offense Against Trafficking. The campaign uses their platform to fight against human trafficking and sexual exploitation of children. 

The founder felt that a goat is a good representation because Bill Gates once discussed the way they help empower women in foreign countries. 

Surrounding the festival were food trucks and vendors feeding the thousands of people who attended.