Find Food and Fun at Florida Strawberry Festival

Tulio Martinez

The 2020 Florida Strawberry Festival in Plant City includes many activities, rides and foods for people to enjoy. The festival is open from Feb. 3 to Mar. 8.

The Strawberry Festival has been a Florida tradition since 1930. The festival was started by a philanthropy club called the Plant City Lions Club, who used the festival as a way to showcase and promote the local crop.

“The strawberry festival is a good place to go to  because it gives us a day to go enjoy ourselves away from school with our friends and family,” sophomore Nathan Pendleton said.

Some of the activities available at the festival are things like going on the ferris wheel, playing games for prizes and eating various fair foods. For example, two popular food items at the festival are funnel cakes and a traditional strawberry shortcake.

Another thing to do is go to the festival parade. There are many floats that go around downtown Plant City on the day of the main festival, which was Monday, Mar. 2.

“I would say the reason I go is because one there’s really good strawberries there, and my favorite thing is all of the music they play there, like the live music and bands that perform,” junior Luke Woychowski said.