Gaither’s Performing Arts Spring Schedule


Emilee Namphengsone, Staff Writer

With the spring semester in season, the Gaither Performing Arts Programs plan their upcoming concerts and end-of-year traditions with their new and returning students! 

Upcoming Concerts and Events

This spring, the orchestra and band will have their yearly spring concert with special features from Ben Hill and Buchanan Middle School! Ensembles will be directed by Gaither’s band and orchestra directors, Jacob Heglund, Luis Alvarez and Kristy Dell. 

“We don’t have a date solidified yet, but we’re almost there,” said Heglund. 

Currently, a spring concert date is planned for sometime around early to mid March in Gaither’s auditorium. 

For chorus, students plan to perform in all of their yearly spring concerts! The following shows are set to perform on the following days in the Gaither Auditorium: 

Spectrum: Thursday, April 15th through Friday, April 16th from 7-9 P.M.

Women’s Pop Show on Tuesday, April 27th from 6-9 P.M. 

Showcase “FINALE” on Thursday, May 6th from 6-9 P.M.

All the programs’ yearly performances, like MPA (Musical Performance Assessments) and Solo and Ensemble, have transitioned to an all-virtual format with several students and ensembles participating. Video recordings are submitted to judges for professional feedback on the ensemble and their performance with no ratings (Superior, Excellent, Good, etc.)


Taking Every Opportunity

Musicians and their directors express their excitement for their upcoming plans!

“I’m looking forward to everything that everyone has planned,” said Chamber Violinist Isabel Larrobis. “As a senior, I’m grateful that we have the chance for another OPUS after having it cancelled last year. Even if MPA is kind of cancelled this year, I’m still excited for the concerts and new music.” 

While thrilled for these final performances of the year, performing art students also feel nervous for any unseen obstacles that may come their way.

Senior Chorus President and Showcase Vocalist Lauren Guagliardo stated that she was excited for her last spring semester but tackles this second chance with caution. 


“I feel excited, but also kinda nervous because this is also [around] the time where we stopped having performances last year because of COVID,” said Guagliardo. “I hope that everything [is perceived] safely and we keep having safe and social distanced performances.”

“People can’t really help but be nervous about it, you know?” said Larrobis. “The sudden quarantine last year had a big effect on everyone and we all just want things to work out safely.” 

However, Gaither’s Performing Arts Programs are known for their passion for music and desire to perform. Students and teachers are doing everything they can to ensure that this final semester is something special to them!

“Having a positive attitude is how I’ve been getting through these COVID times,” said Junior Violinist Ty Jiran. “Even when things get hard, I always try to remember why I’m here making music with my friends.”

“I guess I’ve just been taking on every opportunity I can this year,” said 11th grade Chorus Alto Section Leader Madison Fries. “As we say in chorus, expect nothing and celebrate everything!”