6 Quick Quarantine Mother’s Day Gifts


Viviana Burgos

Mother’s Day is an annual celebration honoring mothers and their influence on society. In past years, fancy dinners at a restaurant or buying the traditional gifts were among the many options to show mother appreciation.

National shutdowns and business closures may have made it hard to go out, but that doesn’t mean Mother’s Day can’t be celebrated. There are many ways to give and show how important mothers are.

  • Make Mom some breakfast in bed 

A good way to start Mom’s day is by making a good breakfast with eggs, bacon and some fruit.  

  • Make handmade or virtual cards 

It may seem cheesy to bust out the crayons and construction paper, but moms love handmade gifts. There are also ways to send your cards online through companies like Hallmark eCards. 

  • Clean the house 

Moms are always cleaning something everyday of the year and it can be exhausting for them. Cleaning the dishes or sweeping the floor for her will keep her happy.

  • Watch a movie together

Watching a marathon of movies she likes are is a great, easy way to spend time with mom.  The movie “Mother’s Day” starring Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts might be a good Sunday watch. 

  • Quarantine spa day

Grab some nail polish in the house for manis and pedis to help her feel relaxed and stress-free. 

  • Spending some quality time together

Whether it’s sitting outside on a backyard picnic, playing board games or being on a zoom call with mom, talking and spending quality time goes a long way.