6 Easy Activities to Take Up During Quarantine

Jada Sparrow

As people stay inside to slow the spread of the coronavirus, boredom is reaching an all time high. Instead of staying on a phone the entire time, there are different hobbies students can take up to get over the quarantine blues.

  • Art and Upcycling

To show off their creative side, students can try adding a bit more color around their house. Students can turn by-products and waste products into new household items or materials. 

A popular trend among youth is re-doing and customizing wardrobes. Students could have a unique wardrobe before going back to school. 

  • Gardening

Another way students can entertain themselves is by stretching their green thumb. Try planting things in the yard. It doesn’t have to be a giant garden, it can start with small potted plants.

  • Bike Riding

Students tired of staying inside and looking for a way to exercise can try bike riding. It is an easy way to get outside and be active with friends or family while maintaining a safe distance.                 

  • Brain Teasers

Try a brain teaser. It’ll help strengthen the mind. Next time they’re out at Walmart or their local dollar store getting essential they can stop a grab a puzzle or word search.

  • Play and Listen to Music

Music is a way to spread joy. Students can try using their voice to spread it by learning a new tune. Try playing an instrument. Dust off that piano or guitar sitting in the house that hasn’t been touched in years. YouTube is a good source for tutorials.

  • Cooking

All of these activities can work up an appetite. Try cooking new things. The easy route could involve making cookies or other sweet treats. The Food Networks and Buzzfeed cooking channels have a large variety of different recipes.