Minds Are Blown by the #BroomChallenge

Viviana Burgos

On Monday Feb. 10, videos of broomsticks standing upright started going viral on Twitter. Everyone from parents to celebrities like DJ Khaled and Paula Abdul participated in the “broom challenge.”

The objective is to get an angled broom to stand upright on its bristles without assistance.

The videos of people experimenting started to pour in when a rumor was spread that the pseudoscience challenge would only work on Feb. 10.

The rumor stated that it was only possible one day a year because of the planet’s gravitational pull on the equinox.

According to CBS news, NASA said that “this is another social media hoax that exemplifies how quickly pseudoscience and false claims can go viral.”

Many students at Gaither High School participated in the trend as well.

“I first saw the challenge on the addicting app, tiktok and I thought there’s no way it’s real and proceeded to grab a broom in the pantry and experiment for myself,” senior Daniel Donnelly said.

Based on student feedback, there were many broom challenge successes. 

“Surprisingly, on my first attempt it stood straight up without falling over,” Donnelly said.

Junior Shelly Jarmel found out about the challenge through social media and put the broom to the test.

“I saw it all over stories and my mom saw it on Facebook, so we decided to do it last night and it actually did work,” Jarmel said.

Although it may have seemed like the gravitational forces were working to get that broom to stand up on its own, it’s actually just the result of a flat broom and the centering of weight.