Gaither Students Save a Raccoon

Alex Hernandez

Tuesday Nov. 5 started off as a normal day at Gaither High School until a class discovered a baby raccoon in a trash barrel.  

The raccoon was sleeping at the bottom of the barrel and appeared to be stuck. Students attempted to get it to wake up but it wouldn’t. 

Students think the raccoon went into the barrel because of the cold temperatures during the night, over the past few days. However, once it went into the barrel, it couldn’t escape. 

“There was another raccoon in there last week, and it could have been the same raccoon,” physical education teacher Tim Boylan said. 

Finally, one of the students tipped over the barrel, allowing the raccoon to escape. 

“I felt bad for it, it was probably just trying to get food, but I’m glad we could set it free,” Boylan said. 

Although it was a little dangerous on the student’s part, the raccoon seemed thankful and ran off.  No students or raccoons were hurt during the exciting start to the day.