Little Wranglers Lasso Gaither Hearts


Brielle Allison

“You can’t scare me, I’m a teacher” sign on Errote MInutillo’s door, a teacher participating in the trick-or-treat parade.

Brielle Allison

On Oct. 31 at Gaither High School, the Little Wranglers and the Gaither teachers took part in a mini-celebration, a trick-or-treat parade.  The Little Wranglers are preschool age kids that attend a daycare run by the students in early childhood development classes.  

“It’s always super fun to see the little ones dressed up, my students love it. The students [in the Little Wranglers class] are doing a good job taking care of the little ones,” social studies teacher Billy Helms said. 

The Little Wranglers dressed up in their best Halloween costumes and paraded around the school, trick-or-treating in classrooms between first and third period.  Among the group were daring superheroes, pretty princesses and adorable pumpkins. They enjoyed trick-or-treating and getting to dress up as their favorite characters. 

“They were really cute,” student Issa Clay said.  

This past week, teachers prepared for the trick-or-treating fun by stocking up on candy and treats.  Some teachers put together themed bags to pass out. 

“Halloween is a good time for everybody, but it’s a really good time for little kids – it’s their time to get really excited and they get to be the characters they enjoy all year. It’s fun to see them get so excited,” science teacher Ettore Minutillo said.  

Teachers that signed up to be a part of the mini-parade were given spooky door signs so that the Little Wranglers would know where to stop for candy. 

“They’re cute as a button, and I’m so happy to give them candy,” June Hall, psychology teacher, said.  

Teachers and students enjoyed participating in the Halloween parade and getting to see all of the munchkins. As the little kids passed by with their Halloween bags, cute costumes and choruses of “twick-or-tweat,” students watched with teary eyes and wide smiles.