5 Page-Turners Expected to Release this Year


Austin Carlton, Staff Writer


Books are a source of entertainment that often go overlooked in the age of Netflix and video games. While many young adults are put off by the antiquated concept of turning the pages of an actual novel for hours, books offer a nearly endless variety of genres and accessibility options, meaning there’s something for everyone to enjoy. For those who are looking for a good page-turner to check out, here is a list of the top five books that readers can expect to see in a few months:


  • “In the Dream House: A Memoir” By Carmen Maria Machado  

In this memoir award-winning author Carman Maria Machado shares her story of domestic abuse in a relationship that went awry. Machado uses her voice and experience in this novel to shed light on one of the most prevalent issues in today’s society. The tearjerking account is set to release on Oct. 1, 2019.  


  • “The Last House Guest” By Megan Miranda  

In this suspenseful fiction novel from the New York Times best-selling author Megan Miranda, two friends overstay their welcome while on vacation and one is left to uncover who is responsible for the other’s murderThis novel is sure to become a memorable horror novel that will give its readers chillsThe thriller is set to come out May 2, 2019.  


  • “Red White and Royal Blue” By Casey Mcquinston 

In this LGBTQ+ romance novel, a rivalry between the prince of England and the son of the U.S. president turns into something neither of them had seen coming. This novel is a testament that love can overcome any obstacles. The fictional romance is expected to hit shelves on June 4, 2019.  


  • “Pumpkin Heads” By Rainbow Rowell  


In this full-color graphic novel, two teens reach their last day of working at a pumpkin patch. Though their time working together comes to an end, their love for one another is just beginning. This is sure to be a season favorite and it is set to release Aug. 27 2019. 


  • “Life Of David Hockney” By Cathrine Cusset 

In this novel-biography hybrid, readers are given insight into the life of the popular painter, David Hockney, whose passion for creating was never tainted by the obstacles he faced in his life. Though Hockney’s life was cut short, his impact remains alive throughout the book. This biographical novel is aimed to release May 14, 2019.