New Trailer Gives Us the Live-Action Dora Movie No One Asked For


Austin Carlton, Staff Writer


After years of absolutely no one requesting it, the live-action adaptation of one famous Nickelodeon character, Dora and the Lost City of Gold,” is coming to theaters in 2019. Dora the Explorer was the titular character of a widely popular children’s show about a young girl who went on countless adventures with her monkey companion, Boots, all while teaching viewers some basic Spanish vocabulary.  

The unexpected teasers have gained a lot of attention from their audiences, which are both interested and confused. In the two short trailers released, viewers are immediately introduced to Boots, Dora’s monkey, and Diego, Dora’s cousin. Even more unexpected than the release of the trailers was the depiction of Boots… without any boots. The monkey is instead heavily CGI-ed, and appears not to speak, a creepy adaptation of the originally verbal character.

The setting of the movie, which is produced by Paramount Pictures and Nickelodeon Movies, features Dora living in the jungle, where she has grown up. After her parents have to go on an important trip, Dora faces one of her biggest adventures yet: high school. While she is away at school, her parents run into some trouble on their trip. After struggling to fit in, Dora, Boots and a group of other students embark on an adventure to rescue Dora’s parents and solve the mystery of the lost Incan civilization. Considering Dora’s age in the film versus Dora’s age in the TV show, it is difficult to tell who exactly the film’s target audience is; however, it is placed in the adventure/family genre, which suggests that it will be enjoyable for a large age range.  

The official release date of the film is Aug. 2, and many are beginning to wonder: which children’s show will they turn into a live-action movie next? “Wonder Pets?” “Bob The Builder?” The opportunities are endless. Though the choice of Dora appears to be random, the CGI and the cast (Isabella Moner as Dora, Jeffery Wahlberg as Diego and several other big Hollywood nameswill certainly make for an intriguing movie.