Top 5 Free Apps You Won’t Want to Put Down

Top 5 Free Apps You Won't Want to Put Down

Austin Carlton, Staff Writer


In this day and agesmartphones have become one of the prime sources of entertainment. From watching videos to writing essays and even filing taxes, phones can do essentially everything. One of the most popular uses for them currently is playing a variety of games. Here’s a list of the top five free apps to download to beat boredom.  


  • Bitlife (iOS and Android) 

In this life simulator game, the player makes text-based decisions that can have hilarious outcomes. Players begin the game as an infant and play until the character dies. The game has plenty of choices to make the most of your “life”. From robbing a hippie to being a successful lawyer, this game has limitless possibilities.  


  • Wordscapes (iOS and Android) 

One of many word puzzle games, Wordscapes has a wide variety of puzzle difficulties. The game combines word searches and crosswords to make an addicting and challenging app. The app has over 5,000 puzzles, a variety of in-game destinations and gets progressively more challenging as you play.  


  • The Sims Mobile (iOS and Android) 

One of the most popular video game franchises,The Sims”, has become mobile. This mobile version of “The Sims” has more detail and gameplay than any of their previous apps. This game gives creativity a place to flourish, whether it be through creating a Sim (a virtual character) or building an amazing home. In this game you are in control of your Sims life; you fulfill its needs and guide it through life. You can throw parties, get a job, make friends and lead any lifestyle you wish.  


  • Ballz (iOS, Android and Windows) 

This is the perfect game to give your brain a break and kill time. Swipe your finger to throw balls at bricks, where each hit will lower the strength of the brick. The objective is to destroy the bricks before they reach the bottom of the screen. The simple and user-friendly design makes the game hard to put down and is perfect to help make the hours fly by.  


  • Best Fiends (iOS and Android) 

In this puzzle adventure game the objective is to create a group of fiends to defeat the evil slugs. Each character corresponds with a color; match three or more colored objects to make an attack on the slugs. Each character has its own individual power-ups that they use to attack the slugs. With over 3,000 levels, players can have hours of fun with this game.