Posts About the Opportunity Rover that Still Have Us Crying


Lexi Mariash, Staff Writer

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On Feb 13. NASA’s Opportunity rover’s mission came to an end after almost 15 years of exploration. Opportunity, or Oppy, became the internet’s favorite rover when news of it singing happy birthday to itself on Mars every year struck a chord on social media. Sadly, following a planet-wide dust storm last years, Oppy’s solar powers were covered in a layer dust that prevented it from continuing, saying its last words, “My battery is low and it’s getting dark,” before ultimately entering hibernation and being declared “dead” by NASA after months of radio silence.

The news of this heart-breaking loss sparked a series of memes and posts about Oppy itself. One of the post popular is this tear-jerking comic made one Reddit user:






Other social media sites like Twitter and Instagram also took their time to appreciate all that Oppy has done for NASA and space exploration.



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Memes about Oppy have been trending everywhere, and students at Gaither voice how they feel about them.

“I feel that we are entering a new meme era, where we can mourn the death of non-sentient beings. I think we’ll see a trend of these new era memes,” sophomore Abby Rey said.

“The Mars rover meme proves that we can show more love towards a machine more than the people around us, and that honestly proves how good we will be at loving our future robot dogs,” fellow sophomore Alex Smith said.

While on its mission Oppy contributed more than 217,000 images, including 15 360 degree color panoramas, and was the first to discover strong indications of ancient water located on Mars, while also touching our hearts.

NASA gave one final farewell to their beloved rover, sending Billie Holiday’s “I’ll Be Seeing You” to the unresponsive Oppy as one last wake-up song, but sadly only receiving silence in response.

The Opportunity rover has left its lasting mark on space exploration and the internet, and will be remembered on Earth for years to come.