Some Fans Say ‘Thank U, Next’ to Ariana Grande’s Newest Album


Hayley Greenlaw, Staff Writer


Ariana Grande recently released her newest album, “Thank U, Next”, only six months after her last album “Sweetener”, and many fans just aren’t having it.

All over social media listeners have been discussing Grande’s latest release, and many fans believe “Thank U, Next” just isn’t as good as some of her past albums. Some argue that it was rushed, and others comment that all the songs sound too similar to one other. 

The album consists of 12 songs, including four singles Grande released prior to the album debut.  

Featuring highly-buzzed about hits such as the title song and “7 rings”, the album demonstrates Grande’s ability to sing a variety of songs across multiple genres of music. The album consists of her usual pop songs, but also showcases some R&B and trap vibes. 

Listeners aren’t quite pleased with some of the content, either. The song “break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored” has received a lot of backlash; fans acknowledge that the song itself has a good beat, but the message is not something Grande should be promoting. Despite the criticism, the song has climbed to No. 1 on the U.S iTunes charts.  

Fans have also speculated that Grande’s song “ghostin” is about her late ex-boyfriend Mac Miller and ex-fiancé Pete Davidson. The song has a quiet, distorted instrumental in the background of her vocals, which provides a solemn tone.  

As always, Grande’s songs showcase her musical and vocal ability. In “imagine” she hits her famous whistle notes, which fans went crazy for. Her song “fake smile” provides a more retro vibe, completed with a mock record player sound in the intro and conclusion of the song. Although “Thank U, Next” might not be replacing her previous albums as an ultimate favorite in many’s eyes, her fans recognize the hard work and emotion she put into each track.

“Thank U, Next” is now streaming and available for download on multiple music platforms.