Top Best and Worst Grammy Looks for 2019

Top Best and Worst Grammy Looks for 2019

Austin Carlton, Staff Writer

The Grammys this past weekend featured some eye-catching performances, but also saw plenty of eye-catching outfits; and some were gaining attention for all the wrong reasons. Here’s a list of the top five best and worst Grammy looks.  



  • Tori Kelly 

Tori Kelly, who took home two Grammys on Sunday, wore a simple yet elegant black number. It was tasteful, but not too over-the-top, much like her music.  


  • Pentatonix 

This a cappella group all dressed up for the occasion. Though, they didn’t bring home any gold like they did in past years, their outfits made them winners at least fashion wise.  


  • Alicia Keys 

The host of the Grammys this year, Alicia Keys wore a stunning green dress and had her hair kept in a multi-color hair wrap. Most stars attending the event can be seen wearing a full face of makeup, but not Alicia. She attended the Grammy’s with little to no makeup on, and still looked exquisite.  


  • Janelle Monaè  

A nominee for two Grammys, Janelle was seen sporting a very fashion-forward dress with shoulder pads that stood nearly a foot tall. It was a modern and risky look, but she managed to pull it off and look like a piece of art while doing so.  


  • Dua Lipa 

The 23-year-old singer-songwriter won two Grammys this year and was seen in a beautiful silver sequence gown on the red carpet. Paired with a matching diamond necklace, Lupa’s outfit was one of the best of the night.  




  • Kylie Jenner 

Though she isn’t a musical artist, Kylie attended the Grammys in what looked like a pink straight jacket. It looked like a very constricting outfit and was overall one of the night’s least successful looks.  


  • Hennessy Carolina 

Rapper Cardi B’s sister Hennessy wore an atrocious orange number that appeared to have wings growing off of the arms. It was an interesting choice, to say the least. 


  • Tierra Whack  

Rapper Tierra Whack wore an unsightly fur coat that looked like a technicolor Snuffleupagus. Her outfit was one of the most colorful of the night, but the random hues only made it more distasteful.  


  • Du Yen 

Looking like a child’s arts and crafts project, Du Yen donned a colorful top that was decorated with a variety of puff balls in various sizes. She wore her hair in a beehive style, and which also featured puff balls, as well. The outfit was tacky, but it definitely caught a lot of attention.  


  • Katy Perry 

Pop artist Katy Perry wore a voluminous pink gown that gave her an extremely exaggerated pear shape. The dress was inspired by an old meme about Perry, and though it was a questionable outfit, it had a lot of people laughing, just not in a good way.