Fans Celebrate Return of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’

Fans Celebrate Return of ‘Celebrity Big Brother’

Austin Carlton, Staff Writer

The popular reality TV show “Celebrity Big Brother” returned Jan. 21. The show is a reality show where house guests battle against each other in various types of mental and physical competitions.

One example is the HOH (Head of Household) competition, in which the winner has to select two contestants to be put on the block and possibly evicted. After two nominees have been selected, a competition called the POV (Power of Veto) takes place, where the HOH, the two nominees and a few other randomly selected house guests compete for the power to veto the nominations made. When only two house guests remain in the competition, the jury of evicted contestants vote on who wins the prize of $500,000.

“Big Brother” is an international show that has been airing  for several years, but “Celebrity Big Brother” only made its way to the States last year. This year’s cast consists of former White House Communications Director and financier Anthony Scaramucci, Lindsay Lohan’s mother/manager Dina Lohan; actor and producer Joey Lawrence; actor and TV show host Jonathan Bennett; singer and TV personality Kandi Burruss; actor and host Kato Kaelin; Olympic athlete Lolo Jones; former WWE wrestler Natalie Eva Marie; former NFL running back Ricky Williams; Olympic gold medalist and competitive swimmer; Ryan Lochte; singer and TV personality Tamar Braxton, and comedian Tom Green.

So far in the season an HOH and POV competition have already taken place, and without giving away too many spoilers, the show has stayed true to its motto “Expect the unexpected.”

The season will run for 13 episodes and a winner will be crowned on Feb. 13. The show has received some backlash due to controversial cast members, but overall it has been well-received by viewers.

The next episode of “Celebrity Big Brother” airs on Jan. 27 at 8 p.m. on CBS.