‘Black Mirror: Bandersnatch’ Brings ‘Choose-Your-Own-Adventure’ Stories to TV


Lexi Mariash, Staff Writer


Last month marked Netflix’s officially release of the newest “Black Mirror” production “Bandersnatch”. The movie follows Stefan, a programmer in 1984 as he tries to create a video game based off a fantasy choose-your-own-adventure novel.

In the movie, Stefan delves deep into the world of Jerome F. Davis, the writer of the original Bandersnatch, and begins to lose his grip on reality as he tries to decipher between what is real and what he believes he is being controlled to do, while also dealing with his estranged father, therapy, and the enigma that is Colin Ritman, a famous video game creator who opens Stefan’s eyes to the idea of being manipulated and controlled.

The White Bear “branching pathway” symbol, originally seen in “Black Mirror”, reoccurs throughout the movie.

References to episodes of “Black Mirror” are found throughout the thriller, the most significant being the symbol that is driving Stefan’s madness. The “branching pathway” symbol, which is familiar to the “Black Mirror” franchise, reoccurs throughout the movie and is said to be the symbol that drove the original author of Bandersnatch insane.

The symbol made its debut in the episode “White Bear” from season 2 of “Black Mirror”. The plot follows a woman who recently woke up with amnesia as she tries to escape an armed assassin, who wears a mask with the symbol, while all the bystanders watch and record from their phones.

At the end of the episode, it is revealed that the woman is on a looped, never-ending punishment that is happening live in front of an audience as a sentence for a crime she had committed prior to the events of the episode.

With that knowledge, “Black Mirror” fans were able to realize that what is happening throughout Bandersnatch is Stefan’s own punishment, but how he is punished is up to you, the viewer at home.

Depending on what you choose, there are five main endings as well as a secret ending that only a few get to see. To reach the secret ending, there is a specific pattern of choices you need to make. You can go here to follow the pattern to experience the secret ending that plays after the credits roll and see the massive Easter egg.

Bandersnatch was as mysterious as it was engaging; whether you are stuck in the never-ending loop of Stefan’s world or strategically choosing to get to the secret ending, “Black Mirror” has once again created another dark and intriguing story anyone can enjoy now on Netflix.