6 Easy Ways to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions


Sabrina Maxey, Staff Writer


Every year at the end of December, people everywhere start thinking up their resolutions for the new year. However, most people fail to stay true to their goals early on. For example, many decide to lose weight and start a workout regimen in the new year, yet by March the gym is back to its usual-size crowd.

When it comes to breaking bad habits, everyone struggles. You’re in a routine of following these patterns and it’s hard to break free and form new ones. Studies show that it takes 22 days to form a habit, good or bad. Three weeks seems like a long time, but by accomplishing a little at a time your mind will become familiar with these new actions, which in turn will help you keep up any new year’s resolutions.

If you’re having trouble sticking to the resolutions you’ve already set, here are a few tips on how to stay strong and break your bad habits while creating healthier ones all-year long.


1. When starting these resolutions, don’t automatically go big. Start with small goals every day or week. Slowly prepare yourself for the change; a big, sudden change will be hard on you and your body.

2. Write things down. It’s been proven that when goals are written down, you are more likely to accomplish them. It’ll narrow focus, reduce stress and increase motivation.

3. Don’t be hard on yourself. Although it’s said that practice makes perfect, perfection is unattainable. People are bound to forget things—it’s human nature—so if you forget your goal for the day, don’t worry. Being hard on yourself won’t help you in any way.

4. Don’t procrastinate. It’s easy to tell yourself you’ll work late or you’ll push something off until tomorrow, until you realize that it’s been two weeks and you still haven’t finished it. Do what you need to do as soon as possible.

5. Share your accomplishments. Share all that you’ve done with friends or family. Verbally expressing your goals that you’ve reached will help you realize how much closer you are to that desired result or resolution.

6. Ask for support. Change isn’t always easy, and sometimes you need a hand: that’s okay. Talk to friends and family about your goals and how they can help you be the best version of you.


Resolutions can be difficult to begin and even harder to stick with, but following these steps can help you improve your mindset and realistically accomplish the goals you’ve set for yourself in the new year. Remember that going hard isn’t always the answer: slow and steady wins the race.