The Best Online Study Tools to Use for Exams


Lexi Mariash, Staff Writer


With exams approaching, it’s hard to cram a semester’s worth of work into one week, and some students might not know where to start. With the help of these online study tools, however, you’ll be sure to ace all your exams.


  • Quizlet

One of the most popular and especially helpful websites is Quizlet. All you need to do is look up your subject and choose from thousands of flashcard sets. Once you select a set you can study the cards, quiz yourself and even play games to help you memorize all your information. Quizlet is free, and allow members to create their own flashcards particular to their class or exam.


  • Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a website that overviews and explains concepts through digital chalkboard videos or fully typed-out lessons. While very well-suited for math classes, Khan can be used to study for a variety of subjects. The best part is that Khan Academy is partnered with College Board, so every student already has an account with the ability to access important content, especially for the SAT.


  • Flora

This app is great to keep you focused and off your phone. It even has options to set up your PayPal so that you have to pay each time you leave the app, and all money goes towards planting a tree. Flora is an app that allows you to set a timer for however long you need, and will plant a seed and begin growing a digital tree that will die if you leave the app to go on your phone. It can be found in the app store and only requires that you have a Facebook. Once you link your Facebook you can connect with friends and start your garden.


  • GoConqr

GoConqr is a free study aid that’s great for visual learners. This site requires an account, but allows access to many useful features such as flashcards, flow charts, slides, quizzes, notes, and even the ability to design and personalize your own study planner.


  • eText

eText is an app that allows users to connect to all their online Pearson textbooks. While using the app, users can highlight and organize the textbook to their liking. Pearson also provides prepared flashcards and quizzes for each section of your textbook. A library will be created of all your books and is convenient and more accessible than using an actual textbook.