Freeform Revives ‘Life-Size’ for Holiday Sequel


Austin Carlton, Staff Writer


The popular 2000s movie “Life-Size” returned on Dec. 2 with a new sequel on the FreeForm channel.

The recent release builds upon the characters of the original film, which followed the adventures of Casey (Lindsay Lohan), whose doll Eve (Tyra Banks) is accidentally brought to life when a ritual to bring Casey’s deceased mother back goes awry. Though Lohan did not reprise her role in the film, Banks returned as Eve.

The sequel follows Grace Manning (Francia Raisa from the show “Grown-ish), the CEO of a toy company that manufactures Eve dolls. Grace needs some assistance finding the true meaning of Christmas as well as finding her heart, her mother and even a potential love interest, so naturally she turns to her “life-sized” best friend Eve.

The film, “Life-Size 2: A Christmas Eve”  includes several nostalgic scenes for millennials, but the film has received a lot of backlash for its sometimes cringe-worthy moments, like the scene of Eve preforming a rap. It wouldn’t be a true “Life-Size” movie if Eve didn’t return with her iconic tune “Shine bright, shine far, be a star,” which was also seen in the film. The movie also includes an abundance of inappropriate jokes, considering it is supposedly a movie angled towards younger viewers.

It’s rare for a sequel to double as a Christmas movie, but Freeform decided that the combination would be perfect for this particular film. The movie is very similar to Hallmark films with its inclusion of cheesy romances and reunions. Without giving away too many spoilers, the film has a happy ending for both Grace and Eve, and even creates the possibility of a third “Life-Size” movie. Overall the film is a cute, nostalgic Christmas movie for “Life-Size” fans, even if it isn’t likely to outshine the original.