New ‘Grinch’ Review: Jim Carrey Classic Still Steals Christmas


Amanda Hase, Staff Writer


With the holiday season approaching, it was only necessary that a new Christmas movie be released. “The Grinch” was released on Nov. 9 and was well-received as a family-friendly take on the Christmas classic. 

Since there have already been several Grinch movies, there is a debate on if the remake is better than or even close to the ones before.  The 2000 “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” has been our generation’s Grinch movie. This new release has sparked debate among viewers: how does it match up against the previous Grinch film? The overwhelming popularity of the 2000 film leads to much higher standards for the most recent version. 

The main difference between these two is the fact that the recent film is animated, while the 2000s movie is live-action. The new animated version used ideas from the live-action, creating unique twists and expanding on old material. The 2000s film’s dark humor made it more suitable for an older audience, while the newer version was angled more towards children and families.   

The new movie stuck to the original Dr. Seuss’s Grinch story. One thing the animated film changed was Cindy Lou Who’s family; her mother is a single parent struggling with three kids and working long hours. This brought more heart and realistic flavor to the film. Both movies were very heartfelt and conveyed the true meaning of Christmas in similar ways. Benedict Cumberbatch, who voiced the Grinch in the film, put forth an accurate portrayal of the Grinch’s hateful attitude. Although he is no Jim Carrey, he voiced the Grinch very well.  

Overall “The Grinch” was a cute, kid-friendly Christmas movie with a solid plot, though its light-hearted themes and animation make it a film almost exclusively for children. Despite the colorful new arrival, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”, with its edgy hilarity and iconic Grinch portrayal, will definitely remain a classic, and will continue to be loved for many years to come.