Disney Plans to Add New Streaming Service

Austin Carlton, Staff Writer


Disney recently revealed plans to develop a new streaming service called Disney+. The service would include content from Pixar, Marvel, the Star Wars universe and of course Disney classics. The service’s price has not yet been determined and there is no set release date, but Disney fans can expect the service to be operating in 2019.  

Many people are unhappy with Disney presenting a separate streaming platform that creates yet another monthly fee for them to pay. People also disliked that all Disney-made shows and movies will be removed from other streaming services and will be available exclusively on Disney Channel and Disney+.  

In addition to providing several classic Disney films and TV shows, the service will have its own original content with all-new characters. The site will also include all of the new Disney films coming out in 2019 such as “Captain Marvel”, “Frozen 2”, “The Lion King” and other anticipated 2019 releases.  

Disney has also revealed that there will be quite a few new series based on classic movies like “Monsters Inc” and even a series on “High School Musical”, which seems to be gaining the service a lot of popularity.  

Through its ownership of Fox and subsequently Hulu, all of the R-rated shows or films that Disney now owns will be found solely on Hulu when Disney+ is released. Unfortunately for many fans, shows owned by Disney networks will not be available on the service, including “Agents of SHIELD”, “Gifted” and “Runaways” which will stay on their respective channels or services even after the service is made available. 

As 2019 makes its rapid approach, Disney fans everywhere are awaiting more information on all the magic Disney has in store for this new streaming platform.