Barbra Streisand’s New Album Brings ‘Walls’ Tumbling Down

Austin Carlton, Staff Writer


The world-renowned Broadway singer, song-writer and actress Barbra Streisand recently released her new album “Walls”The album has been topping charts and even landed Streisand a segment in Carpool Karaoke with James Corden on “The Late Late ShowStreisand is one of the most highly respected Broadway performers, and the album has definitely gained her some new fans.  

Throughout the album Streisand alludes to political issues while still managing to make songs that have beautiful meanings. The first song on the album, “What’s On My Mind” is about Streisand’s hope for the future to improve and for social injustices to finally meet their end. “Don’t Lie To Me” is a sultry song with a message of feeling defeated when everything you work hard for is ignored. 

Streisand mashed up two classic songs by John Lennon and Louis Armstrong to form “Imagine/What a Wonderful World”, a powerful and emotional ballad that explains how we have the potential to live in a perfect world if all prejudices came to an end. The title track of the album, “Walls” clearly refers to President Donald Trump’s plan to “build a wall”. Streisand sings that instead of building walls we should build bridges, and how in order for us to truly be successful we all need to work together.  

The song “Lady Liberty” touches on the idea of people losing faith in their country and how it needs to be restored. “Better Angels” is centered around how hate and violence won’t fix the world’s problems, and how people don’t have to be enemies because there is good in everyone.  

In “What The World Needs” Streisand sings about how there is simply not enough love in our world. She sings about how we have an abundance of so many things, and yet the entire world still lacks love. The next song in the album, “Love’s Never Wrong” states to not be ashamed of who you love, no matter their gender, race or ethnicity. Throughout the entire song Streisand reinforces the idea that you should never be ashamed to spread love and positivity.  

The song “Happy Days Are Here” is about hard times finally coming to an end and better days returning at last. “Take Care Of This House” is about repairing all of the mistakes that have been made by the previous owner. Even though the metaphorical “house” is in bad shape, it can be fixed and returned to its once excellent condition. “The Rain Will Fall Again” is a powerful song with more upbeat instrumentals. The message is about how life goes on no matter how you choose to live it.

Overall the album has a sultry tone while still managing to be inspiring and empowering. “Walls” is available to stream and download on various platforms now.