Trick or Treat Yo’ Self to These 5 Halloween Recipes

Trick or Treat Yo’ Self to These 5 Halloween Recipes

Austin Carlton, Staff Writer


Tired of your Halloween dishes getting booed? Well have no fear! These spooktacular recipes will bring life to any undead party this season.  


  •  Peanut butter Spider Cookies  

What you’ll need: Peanut butter cookies, Miniature Reese’s, melting chocolate and edible googly eyes.  

Follow your favorite peanut butter cookie recipe. When the cookies have been removed from the oven for a few minutes place an unwrapped Mini Reese’s Cup in the center. Melt some chocolate and pipe out eight chocolate stripes on each side of the cookie to make spider legs. Finally, add edible eyes to the front and enjoy! 


  • Witch Fingers Finger-Food 

For this recipe you will need: One bag of large pretzel rods, one bag of white chocolate, melted and dyed green and black (already dyed chocolate works too!), and almonds. 

Submerge the pretzel rod in the melted green chocolate so it is evenly coated. Take it out of the chocolate and place it on a tray with wax paper, then use a fork to create the indentions on the back of the finger. While the chocolate is still soft, cover an almond in the melted black chocolate and put it at the tip of the pretzel (to resemble a finger nail); let the chocolate harden and serve.  


  •  Ghost Brownies 

This recipe calls for: brownies, marshmallows, white chocolate and black decorating gel.  

Follow your desired brownie recipe.  Once the brownies have cooled, place a marshmallow in the center of each one, then cover the marshmallow in the melted white chocolate and let it harden. Once it’s become firm, pipe two dots for the eyes of the ghost and a third one for the mouth. After that these scary good treats are ready to be served.  


  •  Witch Brooms  

The ingredients for this recipe are: melting chocolate, marshmallows,  pretzel sticks and sprinkles (optional).  

To begin, skewer each marshmallow at the end of a pretzel stick, dip the marshmallow into melted chocolate and coat it with sprinkles. These little treats will be a big hit and will practically fly off the tray.  




  •  Candy Corn Fudge  

This recipe calls for: A white fudge recipe of your choice and orange and yellow food coloring.  

Follow your favorite white fudge recipe and split the mixture into three separate bowls. Dye one portion orange and one portion yellow, leaving the last one white (the natural color). Layer them in a pan with yellow on the bottom, then orange and finally white. Refrigerator for 8 hours or overnight, then cut them into pieces and serve.  



These are five simple and festive Halloween recipes to make this fall that can turn any boring party into a fangtastic one.